Photograph of Alistair Ruff

Hi, my name is Alistair Ruff and I'm an experienced design and research generalist, supporting organisations do service design and strategy better at public digital, whilst studying part time for doctorate in service design.

Before joining public digital, I led the design teams for colleague products and the user research community at Co-op

If you want to find out more, you can read my blog or find me on LinkedIn

Prior to joining Co-op I led the User Centred Design team at PDR, after working with the Service Design and Eco-Design teams there.

I'm completing a professional doctorate (like a PhD) part time. I'm researching how we could prototype services better, particularly interested in how we classify fidelity for service prototypes.

Before PDR, I also worked on freelance and personal projects. I've created corporate presentations for a Multi-national steel company, 3D virtual models of renewable energy installations alongside a commercial photographer for planning applications and designed a range of badges for the UK's long distance cycling association.

I also work informally with friends and charities to lend design support on web, app and print projects whenever I can. I enjoy stretching my understanding of design and applying it in places and ways I hadn't previously expected.